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Back Rajesh

to be Labour MP for Leicester East

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A better future for Leicester East

Championing Leicester’s economy

Supporting business, protecting jobs, promoting fair pay & improved conditions for workers, and increasing the standard of living for all.

Help with
cost of living

Working with local and national governments, charities and voluntary organisations to help those in need.

Building a brighter future for young people

Ensuring our young people have the support, resources and opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential.


Working with all communities to make Leicester safer. Encouraging Leicester’s diverse communities to come together.

Affordable homes
for all

Every person in Leicester should have access to a good quality home that meets their needs and at a price they can afford.

I need your support to win Leicester East

Meet Rajesh

22 years ago, I arrived in the UK with little else except determination to succeed. As a fintech entrepreneur, I built a team that challenged the status quo by lowering the cost of moving money for migrant workers and businesses alike.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and opportunity. It’s why I’m standing to become your next Labour MP for Leicester East because I believe there’s a Labour way to grow our economy; one that’s pro-worker and pro-employer too.

As London’s Deputy Mayor for Business, I’ve flown the British flag and championed our ideals around the world, attracting hundreds of millions in international investment; creating hundreds of thousands more jobs and giving over 255,000 people better employment conditions. I’ll bring similar successes to Leicester East and make sure it gets its fair share.

With Keir Starmer, Labour is under new management. Now is the time to re-set Leicester East and elect a Labour MP who’ll deliver for everyone who lives here.

A Track Record of Delivery

jobs created since 2016
£ 0 m+
internal investment attracted to London
disadvantaged young people mentored last year
0 %
increase in London Living Wage employers
Londoners working conditions improved
businesses helped to start, sustain and grow

The Experienced Choice

Rajesh is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and creating
opportunities for young people.

Deputy Mayor of London for Business since 2016

Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of arts, manufacturers and commerce

Deputy Co-chair of London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP)

Patron of the Prince’s Trust

Former Trustee of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Former Chair of Oxfam’s Enterprise Development Programme

Get in touch

Ask me a question, offer your support, and keep up to date with my campaign to be your next Labour MP.

Rajesh On Social Media

I’m honoured to be selected as the Labour Party’s Parliamentary candidate for Leicester East.

It’s time to use this auspicious moment to reset Leicester East, with a Labour MP who’ll deliver for everyone who lives here.

Together, let’s get Britain’s future back.

Sleeping rough is not a 'lifestyle choice'.

Instead of talking about banning tents, the Government should be focussed on the real goal: ending homelessness in our city.

Remember: if you spot someone sleeping rough, you can help them via @Streetlink_

I’m proud to be the first Hindu Deputy Mayor of London working alongside the first Muslim Mayor of London!

Amazing energy at the Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square, one of the biggest outside India. 🪔

@SadiqKhan @MayorofLondon @DiwaliLondon

London will play host to #Diwali in the Square in Trafalgar Square this Sunday.

The event in central London will be opened by Mayor of London, @SadiqKhan with an exciting mix of performances to follow along with a host of stalls and food on offer.

LCCI's Head of Policy & Public Impact @JamesS_Watkins with @LondonCityAir & @LondonPortAuth discussed the potential of green hydrogen developments with London Deputy Mayor @RajeshAgrawal

✈️LCCI's latest Green Skies report was raised during this discussion

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