GBP Crashes to a Seven-year Low Against the USD

The fin-tech entrepreneur Rajesh Agrawal, Founder and CEO of RationalFX – UK’s first online FX brokering company – and Xendpay – an online money transfer company – two leading international financial services companies headquartered in London.

Rajesh is also business advisor to Sadiq Khan MP, the Labour Party’s candidate for the upcoming London Mayoral Election. Speaking about Boris’ announcement, Rajesh Agrawal said:

“In opting to support the campaign to leave the EU, Boris has clearly put his own ambitions before the national interest and that of the city he represents.”
“Leaving the EU would bring considerable risk and uncertainty for British business and would put London’s position as the world’s top-ranking financial centre at risk.”
“The free movement of goods and services across the EU and the unbridled access to 500 million potential customers it brings is crucial to the growth of businesses large and small. Outside the EU, British firms would face years of turmoil while market access and existing trade deals are re-negotiated. This will mean slower growth, less investment and fewer jobs.”
“The suggestion that British businesses will not suffer if Britain follows Boris’s path to exit is a fantastical delusion worthy of only our most eccentric politicians.”

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