Good Growth Fund: Supporting Regeneration In London

Good Growth Fund: supporting regeneration in London

The Good Growth Fund is Mayor Sadiq Khan's £70 million regeneration programme to support growth and community development in London. 

Working with the London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP), the fund supports innovative, best practice regeneration activities, that enable:

  • Londoners to actively participate in their local community and have a say in how their city is shaped
  • delivery of co-ordinated place-based strategies that welcome growth in a way that works with the physical character of London’s many places
  • diverse and accessible local economies – from our high streets and town centres to industrial areas – to realise their full potential and making London a place of opportunity for all

Round 3 of the Good Growth Fund will open in September. It will see further funding available to public, private and third sector groups

Round 2 supported projects

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has awarded more than £30 million to projects which will boost local economies, improve the environment and bring people together in some of London’s most deprived communities.

From a total of 161 initial applications for £125 million, 33 projects from across the city will support Londoners in areas with high levels of unemployment, youth violence and poor mental health, by supporting the creation of new jobs, investing in community assets and driving sustainable economic growth

Round 1 supported projects

From over 200 initial bids for funding, 27 successful projects will receive a share of £24 million investment. Funded projects will help to boost local economies, bring people together and enhance the culture on offer.

In addition, a further 27 projects will receive a share of £1.6 million Development Funding to help scope and define projects further.

The fund is supporting a range of place-based, community, cultural and green infrastructure projects.