Infrastructure Plan 2050


London Infrastructure Plan 2050

Infrastructure touches the life of every Londoner: from turning on the taps in the morning, to travelling to work, to switching off the lights at night. Infrastructure also supports London's productivity and competitiveness, and can reduce the impact we have on our environment


What is the London Infrastructure Plan 2050?

The London Infrastructure Plan 2050 is the first ever attempt to identify, prioritise and cost London’s future infrastructure to 2050, given London's growth.

Following the release of an update report in early 2015, we’re now working to improve the delivery of London’s infrastructure and to make sure London receives the investment it needs to support housing, quality of life and economic growth.

Find out more on our current work programme by visiting our progress page or viewing our current work priorities.  

The documents, supporting papers and links below provide an overview of the infrastructure London requires, including sector-specific information, as well as our comprehensive analysis of the cost of London's long term infrastructure requirements.