The Good Web Guide – Brains Behind A Brand with Rajesh Agrawal of Xendpay

Oh haven’t we just been crying out for a positive success story related to migration? Whilst Rajesh Agrawal’s may be long passed (it’s fourteen years and counting since he moved to the UK from India at the precocious age of twenty-four with just £200 in his back pocket), there’s no doubt he fits the criterion. An entrepreneur who has made a considerable success of his life, and affected the lives of thousands, if not millions, of others in the process, via his ‘Pay what you want’ currency transfer service Xendpay, which togeth with Rajesh’s other business, Rational FX, has transferred some ten billion dollars since its inception in 2012. A revolutionary idea to offer users (a large proportion of which are migrants themselves) the chance to set their own commission rates on international money transfers, clawing back some of the $600 billion transferred annually, 20% of which is lost to inflated fees and charges. Yes this is disruptive innovation at its best, a business with a serious social conscience at its core, one with a tangible network of influence reaching far beyond the sphere of Agrawal’s personal Venn diagram.

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